What do we offer

We offer fun, informative cooking classes for beginners or intermediate cooks. Our focus is on training domestic helpers with a focus on wholesome family meals and snacks. We also focus on how to do bulk cooking, freezing for later use, smart use of ingredients and no wastage. Our ladies walk away confident in their abilities to make delicious meals for everyone. 

We also offer group classes for anyone, from teenagers to friends wanting to cook together. These are designed according to your needs, e.g. Banting classes or themed, Italian feast etc.

Our Menu

Our Level 1 classes run over 4 sessions and focus on everyday favorites. In our first class we do a selection of light meal options such as soup, salads, quiche, cook in sauces as well as fresh bread and rusks.

In our second class we look at the various ways to cook chicken (pie, roast, fillets) as well as baked goodies such as banana bread, muffins, healthy biscuits.

In our third class we focus on beef mince dishes (lasagna, cottage pie, meatballs)  as well as vegetarian options.

In our final class we focus on personal requests such as specialised baking and special meals. 

Level 2 and special classes

We offer follow up classes to Level 1 where we go more specialised. This year we will offer a delicious summer menu which will run in September.

Due to popular request we have started Banting/LCHF classes with the first class in August. These classes are kept very small as it focus on more technical skills.

Private Classes

Should you require it we also provide private classes in the comfort of your own home or at the Home Cooks Kitchen. Contact Rachel for more information as these are tailored to your exact needs!