What is the latest order time for certain meals?

  • Lunch and lunch-related food components such as drinks, should be ordered before 10:00 daily.
  • Supper and supper-related food components such as drinks, should be ordered before 14:00 daily.

The above gives the home cook enough time to make sure your meal is ready by 17:00.

Other items such as wholesale food and specific treats, may be ordered as needed. The specific home cook will let you know when it will be delivered or, ready for collection.

What do I need to start as a Home Cook?

First of all, it would be lovely to showcase your dishes and yummies here.

You will need to be pre-approved by submitting the following, via the Registration area on the Login page:

  • Your name, surname, email address, address and phone number will be collected*
  • You will need to supply a name for your kitchen
  • You will need to submit a short video of your kitchen and the pots/cooking ware you’re going to use
  • You will need to submit a selfie holding a piece of paper where you’ve written your name, email address and kitchen name, so that we can make sure you’re real

Spot checks will be done eventually to make sure that the kitchen you’ve video’d, really belongs to you.

*You clients deserves the right to know who they’re ordering from.

We don’t share your detail with any third party. Certain information is however visible for you clients to collect their orders from and also for map-purposes. We do not display your phone number or email address via your kitchen page on our platform.