HomeCooks.co.za is a dedicated act of love towards a special lady who need a very important, live-saving operation.

It is an initiative that started when previously unemployed Shireen Shaigh was diagnosed. The cost is astronomical, and without medical aid, the waiting list at the government hospital is simply too long. A year or maybe longer.

Petro Mc Kenzie, co-owner of Techniworld CC – a company with various divisions such as LetsClean.co.za, Webshops.co.za, Techniworld.co.za and Techniworld.com, realized the need for decent and immediate income. It was immediately broken down to what Shireen can do right now – and how she can immediately put her talents to work.

It is no secret that Shireen can cook up fantastic meals and bakes. Her peppermint crisp tart hit home. Her holiday lunch for her family, hit home and her family will tell you that her food always, is home. This became the leading role in this venture.

Upon building this platform, with Shireen in mind as home cook for people in her area, it was identified that even more unemployed people can benefit of it as more home cooks, can serve more areas – literally anywhere in South Africa. By providing service to the working or busy individual or family, will in return make them successful entrepreneurs.

Think about it – nutritious meals, the way your grandmother used to make it and busy professionals, housewives, bachelors and bachelorettes needing nutritious and healthy meals catering for families too – meals that are not fast food.

Dare I say – a recipe for success was discovered – one where the one hand feeds the other. The unemployed becomes self-employed as this platform not only caters for home cooks to prepare nutritious meals, but also for people in their family that may want to deliver these meals.

Food on this platform can be collected and where there are drivers available, delivered.

Additionally it boasts a second division where anyone can purchase frozen foods at exceptional prices. Currently we deliver in Cape Town areas only – but as soon as we find a nationwide courier, we’ll broaden that horizon.

HomeCooks.co.za caters for any home cook – literally anywhere in the country. We do spot checks to make sure kitchens are very clean and healthy methods are practised to make sure quality food find it’s way to destinations.

Every time you order from a home cook – you’re empowering an entrepreneur.

Please feel welcome here at HomeCooks.co.za. We’re as homely as our name indicates.